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Www digi reg chatbar

‧ Perfect function: text, voice, stickers and photos to spice up your conversation!‧ Like him/her; reminds you that your favorite chat partner has come online~! Fruitless, ahaha, I guess we don't have to worry about that anymore, as we have quite the fine wine at our disposal, and a whole vineyard to boot! - Friendly Jim has joined Special: Chat Clearly, Jesse is either commenting on the lack of access to a mirror, or could be undergoing an identity crisis at this moment, if we were to dig deeper into Jesse's response's possible meaning. Same as "/list #" Hide This Button - Hide the button for that chat type or channel by name.Reply (Whisper) - Open whisper to the last person that whispered you.A little acsii art for demonstration: [oooooooo] o - Buttons, colored the color of a chat type, left click to open editbox of that type, right click for type specific options.

Reverse Button Orienation - Toggles button order reversal via sliding Text On Buttons - Toggles chattype abrev on/next to the buttons Show Button Text - Toggles chattype abrev visibility Use Channel ID On Buttons - Toggles using the channel index or the first letter of the channel name Button Message Flashing - Toggles button flashing when you receive a message of that type Show Bar Border - Toggles show/hide the bar border/background.‧ No topic is off limit; find your perfect chat partner by using a "Chat Tag"!‧ One-on-one private chat room offers temporary privacy‧ High-rate of reply means no more suspenseful waiting!Retell (Whisper) - Open whisper to the last person you whispered.Sticky - Note: Channels are all or none, other types can be stickied individually.

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