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Among Xi'an's other important historic sites are the 64-meter-tall Pagoda of the Great Wild Goose, a survivor of the Tang Dynasty from 618-907 AD, and the 43-meter-high Pagoda of the Small Wild Goose, built in 684 AD in honor of the Tang Emperor Gaozong.

Other must-sees include the Historical Museum of Shaanxi Province, China's most important archaeological museum, illustrating the origins and achievements of Chinese culture from prehistory to the Qing period of 1368 to 1911; the Town Walls, completed in 1398 with four gates and numerous watchtowers; and the city's 15th-century mosque with its five courtyards and traditional Chinese buildings decorated with Islamic patterns.

The grave itself is a mound marked by a 15th-century gravestone carrying the inscription "Grave of the Sacred King of Culture, who achieved Absolute Perfection," while nearby are the graves of his son and grandson.

The cemetery, laid out around Confucius' grave in the 14th century, makes for a delightful excursion thanks to its more than 10,000 trees.

China's second biggest city, Beijing has been the country's political center for more than 800 years, and for almost as long, it has been an important center for cultural, economic, scientific, and academic life.

Still often referred to as Peking, Beijing is home to many of China's best-known attractions, including the spectacular Imperial Palace, also known as the Forbidden City.

As a result, numerous temples and shrines have been erected by devotees in celebration of his life and teachings.

Perhaps the most important of the three main historic sites related to the great teacher - together part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site - is the Cemetery of Confucius (Kong Lin), a large burial ground containing the graves of Confucius, family members, and numerous followers.

Another attraction worth seeing is the Great Wall of the Qi, more than 2,500 years old and with many sections of its 600-kilometer-length still standing.For a chance to see pandas in the wild, head to the Wolong Nature Reserve, two hours west of Chengdu, a vast scenic area that serves to protect the natural habitat of pandas and other important species.Other Chengdu attractions worth seeing include numerous old pagodas and bridges, as well as religious sites such as the Monastery of Precious Light and Chengdu Huangcheng Mosque, one of China's oldest and most important Muslim sites.Other important sites worth exploring are the Temple of Confucius and the Kong Family Mansion.If when you think of China, you think of pandas, you'll want to make sure the city of Chengdu is on your list of must-sees.

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Many of the city's attractions are in its well-preserved historic city center, making it possible to visit most of them on foot.

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