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When she starts asking about food and feeding herself and going to birthday parties and such, or sees what my relatives eat at big family gatherings, then she is allowed to try whatever she wants.Still doesn’t mean I as a parent am feeding her anything but vegan food. Maybe she means that her husband will let her daughter try his food too.

It wasn’t hard for us and my husband is supportive.Keep up the good work and we cannot wait for your next cookbook! We constantly talk to her about what is healthy and what is not.She is always asking and honestly at 3 1/2 she has more knowledge about health food than many adults.I had the exact same approach in mind when my daughter was born.Had the same conversation with my omni hubby and we agreed to the exact same thing. Then I started doing more research on the harmfulness of meat and dairy. And that during family gatherings I would have to feed it to her. If I’m eating a healthy vegan diet, take so much care to avoid chemicas and the toxic products that are meat and dairy, then my daughter shall also.

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On a side note, we had a hilarious episode on Christmas morning that involved your cookbook!

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