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Evemon not updating character

Aryth’s main concern here is that there is no way to gauge how some people will be affected.It may seem quite a small matter but it is possible that some tools will rely on using the now defunct API Endpoint.Normally when making a move to a new method of data interchange existing functionality is retained. This was closely followed by “Once we replicate all current CREST and XML API functionality in ESI, we will be shutting down both services.”.This is often with good reason as well as functionality does not just happen with no reason. The projected timeline for this was anticipated by CCP to be 18 months from the release of their blog.As we all know it only takes a very small thing in computing to stop the whole damned lot. In order to get the word out as quickly as possible The Imperium’s very own Querns has even sullied themselves by making a Reddit post about this matter.In essence, if you use any tool that still implemented this API endpoint then expect your stuff to be broken.Main features include: Display current Jita prices for any item, search for public structures (e.g.

Aryth has done his utmost to tempt CCP into fixing this issue, but all to no avail.With the advent of the ESI (Eve Swagger Interface), there have been changes afoot as to what data is available from CCP.Historically CCP has offered up methods of accessing data which has led to the creation of many tools.The aim of this is producing goods from raw materials extracted from the planet.PYFA (Python Fitting Assistant) is a cross-platform fitting application that can be used natively on any platform where python and wxwidgets are available, including Windows, Mac and Linux.

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You may also wish to setup your e Mail accounts differently and to also check them with greater frequency if you are anything like me.

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