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Dating in afghanistan

It was a base of action for many rulers of India, notably the Mughals.

The modern nation emerged during the eighteenth century by Pashtun tribes in reaction to the decline of the Persian and Indian empires.

Some middle-class persons and intellectuals have settled in the West. Many inhabitants are bilingual or trilingual, and all the major languages are spoken in the neighboring countries.

The official languages are Persian (officially called Dari) and Pashto; both belong to the Iranian group of the Indo-European linguistic family.

The national currency (the Afghani) is printed in two separate locations, with a locally varying exchange rate.

.) and the Muslim Ghaznavid and Ghurid dynasties (tenth to the twelfth centuries).

The first half of the nineteenth century was marked by a feud between two branches of the Durrani Pashtuns, with the Mohammadzay eventually succeeding and ruling until 1978. 1880–1901) extended his authority over the whole country by overcoming resistance from his fellow tribesmen and defeating the Ghilzay Pashtuns, the Hazaras, and the Kafirs (Nuristanis).

The demographic importance of the Pashtuns has decreased since 1978, because they have formed the majority of the refugee population in Pakistan.

The word "Afghan" historically has been used to designate the members of an ethnic group also called the Pashtuns, but Afghanistan is multicultural and multiethnic.

The state was formed by the political expansion of Pashtun tribes in the middle of the eighteenth century but was not unified until the end of the nineteenth century.

The Persian spoken by the Tajiks, Hazaras, and Aymaks is not very different from the Persian of Iran.

Pashto, which is divided into two major dialects, is also spoken in large areas of Pakistan.

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Precipitation is low, although some areas in the east are affected by the monsoon.

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