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(Photos: Dan Griffin)It’s a promise that remains unfulfilled today.

It’s that remoteness that damned the atoll to inclusion in America’s nuclear “Pacific Proving Grounds” soon after World War II.It’s the same distance from the Sun as the Earth is, so it’s a good test case.Very quickly (within a few minutes) after the Sun rises at the beginning of the Moon’s 709 hour day the surface gets about as hot as it’s going to get: a balmy 110°C/230°F (give or take).The United States persuaded Bikini’s 167 inhabitants to relocate by assuring them a quick return, a promise that quickly soured as the residents were shunted among inhabitable islands and exposed to radioactive fallout.EVOLVING ECOSYSTEM: Palumbi (above) and his research team will compare the genomes of coconut crabs and corals from Bikini Atoll with those from American Samoa to see what decades of radioactivity have wrought.

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Physicist: The side of the Earth facing the sun would quickly become hotter than boiling water, and the side facing away would be cold enough for the atmosphere to freeze solid (condense into nitrogen and oxygen ice).

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