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Are you looking for someone who actually has enough decency to not ignore you for hours or days, or until they just happen to feel like they want to text back?You're not something that a guy can just come around to when it's "convenient." A nice guy will talk to you, and not necessarily only literally by texting you back, but when you need to talk to him about something, he'll be there, and when you You won't have to worry about him being on his phone, trying to hide his notifications about new Tinder matches, or trying to speed up a date so he can go hang with his friends.If he cares about you, he'll commit to you and you only.The nice guy is good at being there for the one he loves.He won't try and put you down if you get a better job or opportunity than him, in order to make himself feel better.He will genuinely be happy for you, make that known to you, and will never emotionally manipulate you in order to make you feel inferior.

You can genuinely be yourself, goofy, silly, creative, ambitious —whatever it is you are.When you're in trouble, sick, down, or need him for something, like emotional support or just a listening ear, he'll be there.You won't have to beg for his attention, he's ready to give you all that you need.You won't have to worry about whether or not he's cheating on you, because he won't be.He won't be one of those f*ckboys who sees multiple girls at once, or lie to you about only seeing you and then do things behind your back with other people.

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When picking guys in the new year, you can keep three of those 10 qualities—for the other seven, go for different types of traits.

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  1. About four months later, however, I woke up one morning to a “Hey stranger, long time no talk” text sent the night before. “All these very casual ways of reaching out and contacting people, I think it gives [people] permission to say: Hey, the risk is very low.